Warding Off Dangers Of Cancer

Of the many stories of complacency, there is this one that stands out. There was this documentary on the risks of cancer. In this case, the narrating interviewer was musing over the dangers of smoking, particularly amongst high school teenagers. He interviewed one kid. Was she worried? Not at all. Because she said; that by the time she got lung cancer, a cure would already have been found. This is not only complacency at its worst, its crass stupidity and reminiscent of highly irresponsible behaviour. And years later, at the time of publishing this warning, mount pleasant cancer surgery, however advanced it may be, currently does not have any remedies for lung cancer, particularly that brought about through the unhealthy habit of smoking.

mount pleasant cancer surgery

And it’s not just smoking, really. Thankfully, many of you don’t have that habit. You all heeded the warning years ago. But there are other dangers. Even though you may well be leading reasonably healthy lifestyles, your eating habits are pretty good, if you’re not physically active around the house, you’re at least doing a bit of exercise every other day, even if it’s just taking the dog for a walk every evening after work. It’s just that there’s one good habit that many people have still not found a way towards. And that’s the good habit of checking with a general practitioner or specialist practitioner for a regular medical exam. And it does not even have to be that regular. It may only need to be every other year.

For instance, it is said that men should have their colons checked out at least every five years. That’s not much to ask, really. Because, after all, the procedure only really lasts an hour or so anyway.